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We are open for the season of 2024! Open daily Monday to Thursday from 12pm-7pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10am until 11pm.

Come to our one and only location at 2714 Boardwalk, between Poplar and Juniper Avenue. Walk right in, no appointment needed. 

Gift Certificates are available for purchase in the store or give us a call at 609-522-4716.

Experience the role of Gangsters during prohibition, Outlaws from the Wild West, Pirates and Victorians, travel in time as Steampunk Time Travelers or become soldiers fighting North or South. Bring your band and perform as Jazz Musicians, ladies can be a sexi Vixens or beautiful Southern Belles. Rob the bank with your crew of criminals & then escape the jail, if you get caught.

Our studio is air conditioned, we have the biggest wardrobe and space including several backgrounds as Bar, Bath House, Wild West, Library, Saloon, Pirate Flag, Mansion, Piano and our newest background set with Bank Safe. We can photograph everyone from Babies, Kids, Couples, to small or big Families, Friends and Groups.